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Ryan and Phoebe

Our Story

That’s when we decided to make our newfound juicing passion an official venture. But as we began to source fresh produce, we noticed that unlike the countries I traveled to in Central America (where organic, regenerative, and small scale farming was standard), most produce in the USA was grown on a massive, industrial scale and crops were being covered with harmful pesticides and chemicals.

This didn’t make any sense to us. Why take something naturally perfect, like fruit, and then cover it with chemicals?! So, we set out to find the best family farms using organic, sustainable farming practices that were actually good for the earth and the people who enjoyed their harvest. Once we found ‘em, Happy Moose was born. But we weren’t going to be any run-of-the-mill juice company. We were Happy Moose -- envisioning an unforgettable, fun-loving Moose with an ethos to spread health and happiness.

We were off on a mission to share the world’s best juice with a smile.

Quit Trippin, Start Sippin!

The Happy Moose Crew

Here at Happy Moose, our people mean everything to us. We are on a collective mission to make the world smile with delicious, life-giving juices. And we believe our ability to achieve that starts with our team. We’re a work-hard, play-hard kinda squad, who take the business of making juice seriously...but when we’re outta the kitchen, well, you get the picture! Now watch your back, you might get splashed!

✌️ The Herd

Happy Moose

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