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Hands down the best juice in town!! High quality ingredients and amazing. The Feel Mo' Betta shots have saved my life on multiple occasions, obsessed!

Jenna H.

HMJ is the best quality juice I've ever tasted, hands down. This stuff is so fresh and makes me feel amazing...Thanks to the groovy moose for keeping me in tip top form and able to shoot the moon. Luv ya guys!

Emily S.

WHEW! That's fresh! Not many establishments can serve one single product like juice, make it delicious, AND be successful at it. I mean, seriously guys, I had REGULAR ORANGE JUICE or whatever citrus they put in it, and I'm writing a five star review! Am I insane? No...I'm not. This is really good juice!

Cesar C.

Happy Moose will seriously make you truly happy.

Francine L.

This is the best tasting orange juice I've ever had.

Kacy I.

Wow! What an incredible, tasty, fresh juice...By far one of the best green juices I have had. Awesome brand...highly recommended!

Emma R.

Refreshing, delicious juice that'll make you a happy camper! Or, in this case a happy moose!

Katrina L.

There are only two things that will get my boyfriend to get up and at 'em before noon on a weekend...and one of those things is Moose Juice.

Lainey G.
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 • Tree-Ripened  •  Hand-Harvested  •  Family Farms  •  Made with Organic  •  Upcycled Produce  •  Post-Consumer Recycled Bottles

Cold-Pressed Juices

Tree-ripened, hand harvested, and promptly pressed in under 3 days.

To create the world’s best juice, we had to find the world’s best farmers.

Community is not just another buzzword to throw into the blender — it is a (real) big deal to us.

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