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  • Where can I buy Happy Moose?

    We are currently being sold in retailers across the country. And luckily, we have a map of where you can find us!

  • What is cold-pressed juice?

    The cold-pressed method is the gold standard of juicing because it gently extracts juice from fruits and vegetables using a hydraulic press. This method of juicing preserves the cellular structure, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients of the fresh produce being juiced. As a result, cold-pressing results in the most nutrient dense and supremely fresh juice.

  • Are your juices pasteurized?

    Nope! Pasteurization is a thermal process that essentially heats and cooks the juice to ensure it’s safety. Instead, we use a non-thermal process called, High Pressure Processing (HPP). By emerging our juices in a big tank of cold water and continuously pumping in water to create pressure, this method eliminates potential pathogens (the bad stuff), while maintaining a vast majority (91-100% to be exact!) of the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals (the good stuff). The HPP method pressurizes the juice, which extends the microbiological shelf life, and maintains its natural benefits.

  • Is there added sugar in juice?

    There is zero added processed sugars in our products. While one recipe contains a small amount of coconut nectar (Lemon-aid Detox) and one has organic honey (Hawaiian Healer), those have been thoughtfully included for their health benefit opposed to extra sweetening. All other recipes have zero added sugars and contain only naturally-occurring, unprocessed sugar that exists in fruits and vegetables. Since these sugars are natural, our bodies are able to recognize them and convert them into energy that keeps us going.

  • Is Happy Moose safe for pregnant women to drink?*

    Yes. Our wholesale line of juices (anything you’d buy at a store) have been High-Pressure Processed (HPP’ed). This is a gentle but scientifically validated ‘kill step’ that eliminates any potentially harmful bacteria or pathogens. The FDA approves HPP foods as safe for pregnant women. 

    *Please note that we do press and sell raw juice (unprocessed) direct-to-customers, locally. This juice can be easily identified because it is usually packaged in glass and has a required ‘Warning’ statement on the label noting that it is raw. Because this juice has not been processed, we are unable to scientifically guarantee that no pathogens are present.

  • Is cold-pressed juice safe for kids?

    Yes! Our juices and shots are kid-friendly. Please be aware that a few of our recipes, like Strawberry Fields, Feel Mo’ Betta, and Pep in Ya’ Step contain cayenne or jalapeño -- which may be too spicy for some in the junior generation. If any recipes seem too strong or potent in flavor, try diluting it with as much water as needed.

  • How long is cold-pressed juice good for?

    We strive to create and deliver the freshest juice possible in every situation. All of our juices have ‘best by’ dates shown on the bottle or cap to tell you how long the juice will be optimally fresh for (generally 2-10 weeks). Each ‘best by’ date depends on the ingredients in the recipe, the juice’s pH, and when it was made. Once a juice is opened, it is best to enjoy it within 3 days.

  • What's the best way to store cold-pressed juices?

    Our juices are living beverages, which means they are perishable and love to be kept cold! The refrigerator is the ideal place for them to hang out when they’re not being enjoyed by you or someone else. If they are left out of the fridge for more than a couple of hours, then it’s impossible to guarantee that it hasn’t been structurally compromised.

  • What is the sediment in my bottle?

    Fresh, healthful juices should look and taste fresh. Fresh juices naturally contain small particles or solid from juiced ingredients (Rejoice - this is good fiber after all!). If you are noticing a creamy white paste at the bottom of your bottle -- do not fret! This is a natural paste from juiced ginger. You may also notice black specks in your Hawaiian Healer wellness shot - just some harmless black pepper. Give it a shake, drink it down, and rest assured that this is just one painless aspect of consuming natural, fresh food, baby!

  • How many wellness shots can I have in a day?

    Our shots can be enjoyed daily to multiple-times-daily, depending on how your body responds to the ingredients and vitamins. We recommend starting with 1 or 2 shots, then adding more throughout the day as desired and as long as you don’t experience any adverse effects. Pro Tip: Our ‘Feel Mo’ Betta’ and ‘Hawiian Healer’ shots are delicious when enjoyed as a tea - just pour the shot into your favorite mug and add 10 oz. hot water!

  • Can I drink a juice after the expiration date?

    We love freshness! To ensure you’re getting the richest flavor and most powerful health benefits from your juice, please consume them before their ‘best by’ date, and within 1-3 days of opening them.

  • How are you working on sustainability or recycling?

    Glad you asked! Our bottles are made with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Materials because making new plastic sucks and Mother Earth deserves to be loved back. Also, we use Upcycled Produce -- which means that our fruits and veggies are picked when they are ‘perfectly ripe’ aka too fresh to be shipped around and sold at supermarkets. So, instead we use them to make delicious juice for you!

  • Do you have fresh juice?

    Yep, we certainly do. You can purchase the fresh goodness from us directly and then pick it up from our facility or we can deliver it to you. Contact us here.

  • Do you offer cold-pressed juice catering?

    Heck yes! We are the perfect treat for any party! If you’d like us to cater your next event, please contact us.

  • Is cold-pressed juice Gluten Free or Vegan?

    All of our juices are Gluten Free. Every juice is Vegan except ‘Hawaiian Healer’ which contains honey and ‘Glow Up’ which contains bovine collagen.