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Coconut Macadamia Granola 2

Making your own granola is such a great habit to establish to avoid falling into the trap of buying the sugar-laden supermarket variety (so often marketed as ‘healthy’). This coconut macadamia granola is so tasty and couldn’t be easier to make. You simply mix all the ingredients together, spread on a baking tray, bake and voila! You’ve got a really yummy and healthy granola!

Many of the ingredients in this recipe can also be swapped according to what you have on hand… Macadamias for cashews/hazelnuts, oats for quinoa flakes and maple syrup for coconut nectar. Feel free to add in superfood powders such as mesquite, maca or cacao powder for a caramelly or chocolatey twist! Enjoy this Coconut Macadamia Granola in your Coconut Bowls. They can be topped on smoothies, nice creams or even just plain nut milk or dairy-free yogurt!

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